eLyly - Feel the Forest

Olet varmasti kokenut, kuinka luonnossa liikkuminen ja metsän aistiminen saa sydämesi soimaan. Tiesitkö, että nyt pääset valloittamaan myös Suomen talvisen, lumisen luonnon äänettömästi ja päästöttömästi, siis luontoystävällisesti, luontoa kunnioittaen ja luontoarvoja vaalien? Meillä siihen on erinomainen mahdollisuus, sillä meiltä voit varata käyttöösi uuden talvihitin eLylyn, joka on maailman ensimmäinen (Harri Koskisen) huippudesignilla suunniteltu sähkölumiskootteri.

eLyly won an innovation competition in 2019 and progressed to production so that Metsä Kolo received a couple of them from the very first batch in late winter 2021. The scooter got its name from an ancient ski called 'lyly' that was the longer sliding ski for the left foot, of a pair of odd skis. Väinämöinen, who is demigod, hero and a central character in Finnish folklore (and the main character in the national epic Kalevala by Elias Lönnrot) has moved around using a corresponding long sliding ski under the Northern Lights… The modern electric snow scooter enables a return to the peace of nature and to ecological transport on snow - and it is exactly this kind of needs of the modern forest visitor it has been designed for.

The basic material of eLyly is birch plywood that reflects Finnish birth roots, the life of Kalevala and the ancient Finns who lived in the forest. Through the wooden body of eLyly, the spirit of the forest can flow freely through your whole body and do good to your soul. A snow scooter resembles an electric kickboard. The biggest differences are the narrow continuous track under the board and the wide ski called lyly in place of the front tire. The narrow track allows the scooter to advance in the snow.

The snow scooter is light compared to a snowmobile; it weighs only 50kg with the battery. eLyly is safe to use; the maximum speed is about 25km per hour. The range of action per charge is 15-20km, depending a bit on the terrain and snow conditions. Driving is comparable to an electric kickboard, separate driving license or insurance is not required. It is allowed to use eLyly in national parks, too.

You certainly want to experience the feeling you experience when cruising on eLyly in the middle of silence - in a fun, quiet and ecological way. eLyly also takes you closer to natural attractions that you can not even reach with a snowmobile. Pasi Kauppinen, who has developed eLyly, says that sustainable ways of moving in winter are the key to preserving natural values and to a better world. Come and experience this easy and quiet pleasure of Finland's snowy nature at Metsä Kolo!

Watch a video on the birth of eLyly:

We prefer high-quality and ecological domestic alternatives in our materials

Finnish design beds

We want to pamper our guests with luxurious nighttime sleep, so we have chosen Hilja beds by the Finnish family business MATRI. The beds have been handmade in their own factory using 100% natural materials. MATRI also has material safety at heart, which is why all of their products use only environmentally friendly, certified materials produced in Europe. This ensures an exceptionally clean, breathable and safe sleeping environment.

Horsehair futons

We want to pamper our guests with soothing sleep. The futon mattress gives the body proper support so that the muscles do not have to tense while sleeping. The perfectly breathable mattress is made only of pure natural materials. With horsehair, a very durable and airy layer can be created in the futon, which brings a little surface softness together with the layers of organic cotton and wool. The futons are handmade in Pori by the same family business where the ecological blankets and pillows we have chosen also come from.

Duvets and pillows

We want to pamper our guests with natural Finnish products. Duvets and pillows of Finnsheep wool are an ecological choice, as they biodegrade in soil. Wool is inherently fireproof so it does not require the addition of fire protection chemicals and is also otherwise a chemical-free product. The bedding does not make you sweat even in hot weather as it efficiently evaporates the moisture it absorbs and stays comfortably warm in the cold and damp. Our impressive bedding is handmade in Finland by the company called Porin Villa ja Peite, using surplus raw materials produced nearby.

Duvet covers and pillowcases

We want to pamper our guests with soft linen sheets. Jesus linen sheets are made to last, experience and see a lot, even for generations. The material of linen is beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly natural fiber. Linen is heavy, smooth and stiffer. Breathable linen retains its coolness when hot and warms even in cooler places.
The comfort and softness of the fabric only increase with washing. Finlayson wanted to make the most durable sheets in the world, for which they took the model of the Turin shroud that has survived to this day.


We want to pamper our guests with the best towels. The weaving at Lapuan Kankurit, the manufacturer of our towels, is of Nordic design, inspired by Finland's pure and rugged nature. The fourth generation family business weaves responsibly, while respecting the environment. Only natural raw materials such as linen and wool are used. High-quality textiles last for decades when properly cared for.