June 2021

Nature bursts into bloom


The seasons in Lapland are all worth experiencing in themselves, I am rich as I got the opportunity to settle down in the middle of nature. June was very hot this year, I wouldn't have believed the hot spells would continue for so long. After the beautiful and snowy winter the skin can breathe - I enjoy feeling water, wind and sun on my body. Therefore, the best place in the mornings is Metsä Kolo's swimming platform, over a cup of coffee, listening to the hum of the wind. You feel lust for yoga on the platform. This was one of my dreams when planning to move to a lakeside place in Finland. The cat is purring around my legs. My slow waking up ritual is crowned by a dip in the lake. The soul and mind rest in the summer mornings and evenings, and at lunch and always.

In June, the forest offers several of its treasures that are worth collecting and utilizing for your own well-being. In the evening I take my beautiful basket made of wood chips as well as garden shears with me and head towards the forest in the yard. This summer I first started collecting Marsh labrador tea (Rhododendron tomentosum in Latin), which is a plant that makes me intoxicated by its scent. By far the nicest job of the summer is to hang out clean sheets to dry on the clothesline above plants of Marsh labrador tea. There are plans to make Metsä Kolo's OWN soap from the flowers. Another hit delicacy are young tips of a spruce tree that I used for making a refreshing forest drink sweetened with honey - to be served with fresh well water or sparkling wine… The third luxury of early summer are birch leaves, and a sauna whip tied of the birch branches (this is used to stimulate circulation by slapping oneself with it). It is fun to explain this tradition to my international guests. Many of them are occupied with the mere nudity, let alone beating in the sauna. Small is big. Small is big.

Wreaths in a wooden boat
The swamps bloom in June
June major contract

The gathering ritual is beautiful. For me, it consists of meditative quality time, deep gratitude, and a sense of happiness.

As late as in mid-May, the lake was covered by ice, but in June the water had warmed to as much as 25 degrees Centigrade. The birds nested and made such a noise on the pond, I am amused at night when I wake up. By June we have lived for a year in Metsä Kolo. The major job of the month we had been waiting for a long time already was the relocation and renovation of the old warehouse. The location of the warehouse in the best place by the lake was annoying, as it was a also bit rickety and ugly. I wanted to give it a new life, so a machinery contractor and an experienced, trusted villager was engaged to help, and the warehouse was pulled to its new location next to a woodshed. When the boards are removed, turned over and boarded up, we have a new-old and a functional warehouse.

The highlight of the summer is Midsummer. Our traditions include a little break from work, tying wreaths while rowing in a wooden boat among the family, going to sauna, swimming and laying the table beautifully in the garden and eating a variety of delicacies there. And champagne must not be missing. At this time of the year, the swamp in the yard is white with the flowers of cotton-grass. The delicate joys of a short time live in images and mind for a long time.

PS. In early summer the small friends do not bother you, either. Oh, are there any of them in Lapland, the mosquitos? Sometimes there are, often not. We have been thinning out the small trees and bushes to allow a small breath of wind to sweep in the yard. In addition, we have a mosquito trap in use. friends do not bother. Oh, are there any of them in Lapland? Sometimes it is, often it is not. We have thinned out the small trees and bushes to allow a small gust of wind to sweep in the yard. In addition, we have a mosquito net in use.

The author is the owner, CEO and caretaker of Metsä Kolo. 

We prefer high-quality and ecological domestic alternatives in our materials

Finnish design beds

We want to pamper our guests with luxurious nighttime sleep, so we have chosen Hilja beds by the Finnish family business MATRI. The beds have been handmade in their own factory using 100% natural materials. MATRI also has material safety at heart, which is why all of their products use only environmentally friendly, certified materials produced in Europe. This ensures an exceptionally clean, breathable and safe sleeping environment.

Horsehair futons

We want to pamper our guests with soothing sleep. The futon mattress gives the body proper support so that the muscles do not have to tense while sleeping. The perfectly breathable mattress is made only of pure natural materials. With horsehair, a very durable and airy layer can be created in the futon, which brings a little surface softness together with the layers of organic cotton and wool. The futons are handmade in Pori by the same family business where the ecological blankets and pillows we have chosen also come from.

Duvets and pillows

We want to pamper our guests with natural Finnish products. Duvets and pillows of Finnsheep wool are an ecological choice, as they biodegrade in soil. Wool is inherently fireproof so it does not require the addition of fire protection chemicals and is also otherwise a chemical-free product. The bedding does not make you sweat even in hot weather as it efficiently evaporates the moisture it absorbs and stays comfortably warm in the cold and damp. Our impressive bedding is handmade in Finland by the company called Porin Villa ja Peite, using surplus raw materials produced nearby.

Duvet covers and pillowcases

We want to pamper our guests with soft linen sheets. Jesus linen sheets are made to last, experience and see a lot, even for generations. The material of linen is beautiful, durable and environmentally friendly natural fiber. Linen is heavy, smooth and stiffer. Breathable linen retains its coolness when hot and warms even in cooler places.
The comfort and softness of the fabric only increase with washing. Finlayson wanted to make the most durable sheets in the world, for which they took the model of the Turin shroud that has survived to this day.


We want to pamper our guests with the best towels. The weaving at Lapuan Kankurit, the manufacturer of our towels, is of Nordic design, inspired by Finland's pure and rugged nature. The fourth generation family business weaves responsibly, while respecting the environment. Only natural raw materials such as linen and wool are used. High-quality textiles last for decades when properly cared for.